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About Us

How We Started

Hi I’m Kiwan Fitch-Webster!!

I started working with women and families when I was 7 years old. I had a friend whose mother went into the hospital and her older siblings were left home to care for the
younger ones. I remember going into their home to help with cooking, cleaning and even
sifting through bags of clothing to find clothes for her little brother. I remember this
satisfying feeling that I made a difference in their lives. I share that part of myself in
hopes that you understand I’ve been in the helping profession for over 20 years
professionally but helping families has been truly my life’s work for almost 40 years.

Meet Kiwan Fitch-Webster

I have been toiling and praying over this project for many years thus this workbook was born from the many women who have crossed my path. I wanted it to be right and by right I mean beneficial to all who partake in the experience.

I cannot contain my excitement about what you are about to embark on. As with many journeys in life there will be challenges, highs and lows. My prayer is that this workbook will give you guidance and support as you navigate your own Journey towards your purpose.


God Bless You,

Kiwan Fitch-Webster

Our Mission

Purpose is something that we are all gifted with, but very few are able to unwrap. This wonderful curriculum aligns individuals to pull back the layers and see the wonderful gift
of intent, power, and existence.

Kiwan Fitch-webster has captured the magnificence of the journey in which one endures ebbs and flows and moves into presentation… the presentation of purpose! Happy journeying!!
Dr. Markesha Miller

Journey Towards Purpose Global Institute

Our Vision

On this journey I hope that you are able to take the learning of your mind, to the place where the passions of your heart meets the talent of your hands. For it is in that place where you will make a difference. It is in that place where you manifest who you are in your divine assignment. I’m so thrilled to be able to send encouraging words your way as you take the necessary steps in liberating yourself from the bondage of dependency and the systems that make it difficult for you to become financially independent.

The One Million Moms OFF Welfare is proud to support the Journey towards Purpose curriculum.

I’ll see you all at the finish line.

Racquel Williams-Jones
President and CEO
Can I Live, Inc

"Be The Difference Maker Through The Journey"